LIFEFORHAB project has sparked significant interest within the Bulgarian forestry sector which triggered series of capacity building and study visits at project nursery.

On 18.04.2019 Lokorsko nursery was visited by a group of students and lecturers from the University of Forestry – Sofia. The visit was part of the annual study practice of forestry students in the field of forest regeneration and included demonstration of all the equipment and infrastructure related to seed processing and storage, sowing of containers and production of seedlings for forestry purposes.

Another visit followed on 23.04.2019 by experts from the Southcentral State Forest Enterprise – Smolyan aiming at the exchange of know-how regarding the production of containerized seedlings.

The nursery was also visited by experts of WWF – DCP Bulgaria who are wiling to develop joint initiatives with SWSFE targeting the restoration of forest habitats in Bulgaria.