Final session of Project Steering Committee

On 03.11.2021, the final, fourth meeting of the Project Steering Committee of LIFEFORHAB project was held at the Lokorsko state forest nursery near Sofia. During the meeting, the project team presented to the members of the Committee a report from the internal monitoring of the project implementation along with a presentation on the results achieved against all the goals and indicators set in the project proposal. The meeting also included an onsite tour at the nursery, during which the participants got acquainted with the infrastructure built and the equipment purchased for the production of container saplings under the project.

The session ended with a presentation and discussion on future initiatives and follow-up projects of SWSFE related to biodiversity conservation, adaptation of forests to climate change, sapling production and restoration of damaged forest habitats through afforestation. The event was held outdoors, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.