All the works related to delivery and installation of equipment and infrastructure to produce containerized seedlings at Lokorsko nursery are now completed.
In December was delivered a system of pumps and buffer reservoir which will ensure the supply of water form underground sources with proper flow rate and water pressure required for the optimal functioning of the nursery irrigation booms installed at seedling growing areas and greenhouse.
A shading system was installed at one of the seedling growing areas to ensure the proper conditions for the growth of coniferous seedlings in hot summer months. A supplier to provide sphagnum peat with the required specifications for containerized seedling production was also identified in December.
The project team developed seedling production plan according to which over 500 000 forest seedlings from several tree and brush species are to be produced in 2019 and used for habitat restoration works under the project.
Containerized seedling production under the project at Lokorsko nursery is expected to start in March 2019.