Southwestern State Forest Enterprise (SWSFE) has started the project restoration works for damaged priority forest habitats within target Natura 2000 sites. The first stage of the restoration process including the clearing and preparation for reforestation of areas damaged by forest fires is currently ongoing in Kresna and Dupnitsa State Forestry Units.
Until the end of 2018 is planned the reforestation of 9.3 ha damaged priority habitats through reforestation with oak seedlings (i.e. Q. pubescens) grown at the forest nurseries of Southwestern State Forest Enterprise. For the first restoration works under the project (2018) only bare root seedlings will be used while in 2019 we plan to continue restoration with containerized seedings produced under the project at Lokorsko nursery.
In this way, while working in similar conditions and Natura 2000 sites, we will be able to compare in practice the effectiveness of these 2 approaches for forest habitat restoration on SWSFE territory.