Today starts the traditional forest week for Bulgaria. In previous years, during the week there were various events dedicated to the protection of Bulgarian forests.

This year, due to the complicated situation with the coronavirus epidemic, the Executive Forestry Agency (EFA) cancelled all planned events.

As an alternative to cancelled events, the EFA challenges adolescents to write, paint, create for the forest. While at home, children can remember their experiences, emotions, events in the forest or just use their imagination to create.

The purpose of the initiative is to encourage young people to share their emotions through creativity, and to focus on forest and nurturing adolescents in love and care for nature. There are no age restrictions as well as the genre of works.

Until April 30, 2020, e-mail: participants can send stories, poems, essays or pictures of drawings, accompanied by their name, age, contact telephone number, city of residence and the school where they live they study.