In the period 04-06.06.2019 WWF Bulgaria organized field trip for exchange of know-how and experience related to the restoration of natural forests in Bulgaria. The overall objective of the field trip was to provide the venue for visit of sites where typical forests were restored with naturally occurring forest species and to provoke discussions for respective challenges, successes and lessons learned during reforestation works.

Nearly 30 experts availing experience in the restoration of natural forests took part in the field trip including representatives of the Executive Forestry Agency, Regional Forestry Directorates, Forest management units, Bulgarian Academy of Science, University of Forestry, Administrations of nature parks, seed control stations, etc. Visits were made to Lokorsko nursery, restored forests around Dragoman and Bosnek – SFU Sofia, SFU Kresna, Gushterova odaya – SFU Asenovgrad, municipality owned forest Merch orman – Manole village, etc.

Participating experts on behalf of SWSFE presented the implemented actions and achieved results under LIFEFORHAB project which were met with great interest by all the participants in the field trip.