In April 2018 started the implementation of Action D.3 Assessment of the socio-economic impact of project “Restoration and improvement of the conservation status of priority forest habitats within Bulgarian Natura 2000 network”.

As planned in the project proposal, the assessment will be conducted in 2 stages – after the project start and at project end – after the implementation of all main project activities. The objective of action D.3 is to identify and measure the socio-economic impact of project implementation on the project target groups and stakeholders (local communities, contractors, partners, etc.).

The assessment will be conducted by external expert contracted by the Southwestern State Forest enterprise who has already completed the first stage of action implementation ad prepared respective report. The report includes the developed methodology for socio-economic assessment, selected indicators together with the identified baseline values at the project start.

After the implementation of the second stage of the action, in 2021 the contracted expert will prepare full assessment report which will be made publicly available at project website.