SWSFE is applying for funding with a new concept for a project under the LIFE Nature 2020 Program named “Integrated management of priority forest habitats along the Strymon River basin in the cross-border region Bulgaria-Greece”. The project includes activities for the eradication of invasive species along the Strymon River and its tributaries, restoration of riparian forests and creation of green corridors along the river, construction of infrastructure to combat erosion, implementation of silvicultural measures to support the restoration and improvement of degraded conifers forest plantations and coppice forests in the Struma River basin, information activities, networking and capacity building.

SWSFE is the Coordinating beneficiary of the project, and the associated beneficiaries are the Greek Society for Nature Protection – Thessaloniki, Greece (HSPN) and the Department of Environmental Biology at the University of Rome, Italy (DEB).
The submitted new project aims to upgrade and expand the results of the current LIFEFORHAB project, and its preparation is the result of established partnerships with international organizations working in the field of environment and sustainable forestry.